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You already know how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining the landscape globally.
Now explore and embrace how AI is transforming employment and career development.
Discover how AI can revolutionise the way in which students achieve their careers
and careers teams deliver quality provision.

Get the most out of ai for career management



AI-Driven Insights
Learn to leverage AI for deep career insights, enhancing student job search and careers coaching, advice and guidance.


Personalised Student Engagement
Use AI to help tailor student support and guidance, meeting individual student needs.


Speed Up Tasks
Free up valuable time by speeding up analysis and research tasks, focusing on what matters more.


AI Strengths and Weaknesses
Learn when to use AI and when to rely on human expertise.



Epic Steps Careers teams up with Craftscale to create a partnership of rigorous career management and artificial intelligence expertise. 

Craftscale: Ian Smith
, Director, CTO, AI Expert, Design Thinker, Innovation Consultant
Epic Steps Careers: Alison Edmonds, Director, Executive Careers Coach, Director of Coaching and Career Management Services

How can your students use ai effectively?

1hr Webinar: “Embracing AI in your Career Search”
Designed for Masters and MBA students to ensure that they
implement AI effectively in their career management work.

  1. INPUT

Career management in summary – the steps students take to achieve their career goals.
What is AI and how does it actually work? The very latest on usage and prompt engineering.


See AI in action, using three steps of the career management journey.
Hear detailed analysis from Alison Edmonds (careers focus) and Ian Smith (AI focus).  


Key strengths and weaknesses of AI and examples of even more opportunities
to use AI in students’ career management journey. 


How can your careers teams use ai effectively?

2.5hr In Person Workshop: “Embracing AI in your Careers Services”
Designed for careers teams in business schools and universities to ensure that they
implement AI confidently and effectively across careers provision and engagement.

  1. INPUT

What is AI and how does it actually work? What are the latest options in the marketplace and how do they all differ?  What is prompt engineering?  Careers Service provision summary.


See AI in action, demonstrated live in the context of career management services provision.

  1. PLAY

Explore, challenge and investigate!


Taking the perspective of the job seeker and the careers coach, a co-creative investigation and analysis of AI performance in the key steps of career management.


Translating ideas and outputs into effective and confident individual and team action plans.

impact – what people say

2.5hr Workshop for careers teams: “Embracing AI in your Careers Services”

“Had a great time attending the AI in Careers workshop yesterday! We delved into the observations and important points when using AI as a job seeker and a careers professional.”

“The whole session was really useful. It was great to learn ways in which AI can be used as a tool.”

“I really enjoyed the interactive elements of the day!”

 University of Liverpool Management School


1h Webinar for job seekers: “Embracing AI in your Career Search”

“One of the most interesting webinars I have attended”

“I thought it was great – content and presentation really excellent.”

“Genuinely good….and mind blowing in it’s possibilities…”

“I was blown away by the amount of information included in this webinar, as well as how accessible the presenters made it.”

“Thank you for the webinar! It was incredibly timely and beneficial. It truly exceeded my expectations! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

The Open University Business School Alumni Community

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Artificial intelligence is the fastest adopted transformative technology ever.  ChatGPT launched in November 2022 and has seen meteoric adoption. Moving from 58 million to 1.8 billion monthly visits in just one month.

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