We are two organisations with a shared ethos:

Epic Steps Community Interest Company and Epic Steps Careers+ Limited

The Epic Steps Ethos

In all that we do, from primary child to industry captain, we aim to develop awareness and values around
leadership, careers and social responsibility.
We believe in the individual, the community and the environment.

Involve individuals with shared values who genuinely want to make a difference

Include everyone by offering our work at sensible cost

Innovate, think differently, drive standards and creativity in all that we do

Inspire people and organisations to act responsibly


    we include everyone. we value everyone’s view. we have open doors, hearts and minds. we have integrity.
    we value people. we have fun. we are driven by our passion to make a difference. we do what we say.
    we look for opportunities to maximise impact. we welcome supporters who share our values. we are flexible.

Founded in 2016, Epic Steps Careers+ Limited is based in the North West.

We have two directors:

Alison Edmonds (Founder and Director)
Clare Hudson (Founder and Director)

We believe that everyone has an incredible and unique value proposition.   We help individuals at early, middle and late career stages to recognise their value, identify diverse options and move forward to achieve career goals and ambitions.

We do this on a one-to-one basis through coaching conversations and career guidance and, on a group basis, through workshops and webinars.  Our ethos is driven by a belief in people, a need for high quality careers guidance and a customised approach because everyone’s career management journey is unique.  Fairness, flexibility and energy are key drivers for us.

Founded in 2015, Epic Steps CIC is a Social Enterprise limited by guarantee and based in the North West.

We have three directors:

Alison Edmonds (Founder, Chair and Lead Director)
Noeleen Hammond Jones
Clare Hudson

We believe in a world where people make responsible decisions. Our aim is to help grow extraordinary, courageous and confident young people who know their fit in the world of work and are keen to pioneer change. We do this through Epic Steps Conferences for Children, through Epic Steps Co-Creators and through creative play. Our ethos is driven by belief in young people, co-creation, community development and a “schools don’t pay” guiding principle. Innovation, disruption and impact are not just words to us, they are calls to action.