How we help


There are three ways in which we can help you to develop talent across the organisation. 

If you are an HE organisation, we can deliver career management support to students and alumni, including how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into career management both for job seekers and careers teams. Find out more about our work with Artificial Intelligence here.

If you are a business or NFP, we can develop career management programmes for staff as an integral part of your talent strategy

For any organisation, we can support staff facing job losses to make the transition into new employment


What is our approach?

Consider us one of the team.  You know your organisation’s needs and you know your hopes and aspirations.  We’re here to help understand your challenges and opportunities – and then work with you to find agreed ideas and solutions.  We can bring a wealth of career management experience and knowledge which means, together, we can achieve incredible ways forward.

Why us?

Alison Edmonds has over 20yrs executive career coaching combined with 15 years leading career management provision for MBA students at Alliance Manchester Business School. This included both delivery for the 300 full-time MBA students and also for the 5000 part-time MBA students based all over the world, through the School’s executive centres in Manchester, SIngapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong and Miami.

We appreciate the needs and demands of service provision in complex organisations with the added value of multiple stakeholder management experience.  Relationship management is second nature to us because at the root of all good services is a trusted, authentic and connected relationship with people.

And we love what we do!  Our natural energy, enthusiasm and belief reaches out across our stakeholders and enables extraordinary transformation to take place – value flows in all directions.

We can share combined strategic and practical elements of all the following.  In other words, we understand the big picture, find ways to design solutions and then deliver face-to-face value directly to individuals:

Recruiter hiring practice, requirements and preferences
Self-awareness profiling
Career management workshop series
Webinar series as an additional part of career management provision
Online resource management and delivery
Mentor programmes
Speaker programmes
External resources and networks
Major events

Our Social Impact

Career transition is the most important impact we can make for individuals.  By helping organisations to meet these needs, we can make wider impact.  We believe that we can make even more impact.

Epic Steps Careers+ delivers on the ethos of Epic Steps which combines careers with leadership and social responsibility.  Epic Steps Careers+ is proud to have supported Epic Steps CIC, between 2015 and 2021, in its work with school children: Epic Steps Conferences for Children which develop awareness and values around leadership, careers and social responsibility.  We believe in supporting young people to become the next generation of pioneers: a workforce of responsible decision-makers motivated to demand and drive collaborative change.


We always welcome an opportunity to listen.  Feel welcome to contact Alison Edmonds on 07887 952265 and alison.edmonds@epicsteps.co.uk

You can reach us for a conversation here and we look forward to hearing about your hopes and aspirations.